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Meet Us

We are the people who make the magic happen.  Get to know us a bit.  We don't mind!

That's Monty and Terry at TrekWorld hanging out with Dave Mirra. Monty and Terry are the Bossmen here at the Ski and bike shop. Dave Mirra... Well, he's what we call a bike god. He doesn't work here, but he's welcome to come hang out any time!


The Ski and Bike Shop Advantage:

1711 South Washington Street Grand Forks, ND

(701) 772-5567

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1. We have the right bike for you.

2. Comfort and safety are built into every
bike we sell.

3. All our new bikes are assembled by professionals.

4. We allow test rides.

5. We offer all the free cycling advice you need.

6. Every new bike comes with a free tune-up.

7. All our bikes are guaranteed.

8. Our bikes offer the highest quality, longest life and best resale value.

9. We carry all the best accessories to go with your new bike.

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